How to Ignite and Sustain Love, Adoration, and Devotion from Your Man, Whether You’re Single or Married and Frustrated! 

What if every time your man looked at you, you felt so confident in his love that you could just melt?

What if you could talk to him about your feelings and concerns, and he would respond by saying “How can I support you?”

What if you knew by his actions that he adores you, cherishes you, and is forever devoted to your happiness?

What if you knew how to easily and magnetically attract any man to you, and inspire him to feel wholehearted, soulful love?

I’m Relationship Coach Valerie Greene, and for over 12 years, I’ve been helping thousands of people across the world attract, re-ignite, and sustain lasting love.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Several years ago, my partner and I were caught in a painful cycle of push/pull.  I got clingy and demanding, trying to pressure him to make a deeper commitment. Not only did that feel icky to him, but to be honest, it actually felt icky to me, too. And so, you know how it goes...he told me he needed "space" -- that dreaded word that no one who wants a lasting, committed relationship wants to hear--especially when you've already invested so much.

He withdrew more, shutting down his feelings, thinking he couldn’t really make me happy, and we avoided sensitive topics for fear of being hurt.

I knew I had to change what I was doing FAST, so I dedicated myself to studying a myriad of emotional healing and communication tools, and REALLY used these tools in the trenches! In my relationship, and with my coaching clients over the years.

IT WORKED! Never had I experienced that much relief and security in my life. Tears would leap out of my eyes because I was releasing so much pain, angst, and sadness, and alchemizing it into hope, security, and a real, lasting sense of divine comfort in the expert tools and wisdom I had been using with great success.  

So I want to share with you a little bit more about how this journey started for me, so that I could become a teacher of this material to thousands of other people wanting BIG LOVE.

I discovered how to:

    • Listen and talk to my man in completely different and loving ways
    • Listen and speak to MYSELF in completely different and loving ways
    • Stop trying to get him to do things, and instead to turn my energy towards what made me feel good
    • Unconditionally love and take care of myself
    • Listen to my body and her wisdom
    • Speak to myself in an empowering way, and listen to, and speak from my heart

    And it seemed like magic: he felt inspired now to give me what I wanted! He started planning more time together, was more interested in what gave me pleasure, and our sex life came alive like never before!

    Now, I’m so grateful for how my love life is FABULOUS and I mean, I do pinch myself on a daily basis for all the love, adoration, support, affection, emotional connection, and passion that I share with my man! I know if it can happen for me it can happen for you! I want to support you to have the relationship of your dreams now!

    I integrated all these tools into a step-by-step process and presented it to my clients, and they had breakthroughs in their intimacy! I noticed I kept teaching the same process again and again to my female clients, so I created this program to get the message out there to more women, so you can have the loving relationship you deserve!

    And now, can we just air it all out and double-check:
    Is this you?

    • You feel resentful toward your man because he isn’t giving you the attention and affection that he used to. He needs more "space" and you feel left hanging. Or maybe he doesn’t contribute or give you the support that you need?
    • When you try to express your feelings, maybe it comes out sounding angry, critical, and demanding, and you either start fighting, or else he dismisses you, saying “You’re too emotional!”


    • You'd cringe if he called you “needy” and “demanding” because you’re just trying to tell him what you want, and it just pushes him further away
    • Or maybe you hold in your anger and resentment and try to act “nice” and understanding; giving and giving and getting little in return, so you feel more lonely in the relationship than if you really were alone.


    • If you’re dating, he’s stalling and not moving the relationship forward, and you're seething that you are the one who has to talk about commitment?
      You may be thinking "This isn't the way it's supposed to be! He needs to step up and be the man!" And if we're really being honest, maybe even "Is something wrong with me? Why won't he commit and choose me?" :-/ )
    • OR if you’re single, you keep attracting dead-end relationships, and want to know what you can do to attract lasting love

    I know it seems like there’s no way to get through to him about your hurt, disappointment, anger – or even your DESIRE to have things be better – without it backfiring.

    No matter what you’ve heard from experts about what "a man wants to hear," what will get through to him isn’t just about the "words" you say.

    Because saying the right "words," with an attitude of self-criticism or criticizing him, or if we’re smiling on the outside but angry on the inside – will just make him feel he will feel judged or smell your inauthenticity, and he will find you repulsive lose his feeling of attraction.

    No matter how much we say we want to be seen and loved, we're really terrified he'll see who we really are - especially the aspects of ourselves we don’t like.

    And some of us have so many parts of ourselves we’re trying to hide, that we don’t know who we are any more.

    There’s a better way.

    As women, the time has come to master our emotions and live from our hearts, filled with self love, self respect, and a way to inspire him to meet our needs, connected to our true feminine power.

    A burden has been lifted and we feel more connected!

    My boyfriend and I we were fighting frequently. Valerie intuitively senses what I need and reaches a real connection to where I’m at. She explains things in a way I understand; and make sure it gets through to me. Now I am able to recognize my emotions, and rather than get triggered right away, I focus on what my needs are and being empathic. Instead of arguing, I’m focused on finding solutions. I’m shifting my way of thinking, so the relationship is better. I feel a burden has been lifted because the anger can take hold of me like a vice. Now I feel more peaceful, and we feel more connected.

    - RS

    Now I feel loved, connected and cherished every day!

    My husband and I used to argue and feel distant. Through the emotional healing tools, I've learned how to recognize my needs and give myself compassion that I had been demanding from him.  When I can do that,  I am able to come from a place of compassion for him and his needs.  Then we get to work as a team to find win-win solutions to conflicts instead of being in competition with each other.  I'm also learning to ask for what I want, and give ideas for how I would like it, instead of complaining and focusing on what is wrong. He responds so much better,  and we both feel good when I communicate with him this way.  

    He’s more affectionate, takes me out on dates, and we enjoy playful intimacy again. I feel more connected, adored, and supported.

    I feel right now like a dream that I didn't even know I had came true of it being like it was in the beginning, like I don't even need a special Valentine's day because I feel connected and loved and cherished every day.

    - Thea

    You Can Inspire Him To WANT To Meet Your Deepest Needs and Desires

    Introducing the Man-ifest Lasting Love 6-Week Home Study Course.

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    My Man-ifest Lasting Love 6 Week Home Study Course will teach you how to shift how you show up, and how you communicate, so that your man (whether you've just started dating, or he's your spouse) will actually want to connect with YOU, rather than you doing all the work.

    I’ve combined the most effective tools and “love hacks” from Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Meditation, NVC, NLP, and other emotional healing modalities and distilled them into a simple formula that you can apply to re-connect to your Divine Feminine wisdom and magnetism now!

    You’ll finally understand WHY men pull away, and what to do about it!

    You’ll discover what men need to get first, in order to give you what you need. You’ll get step-by-step How-To’s – so you can magnetically draw him to you, even stronger than the way he was drawn to you in the beginning.

    You’ll start to feel confident instead of insecure, and learn how to quickly shift your limiting beliefs and out-of-control feelings and fears into a grounded sense of clarity about your needs and desires. Then you’ll learn how to speak your desires in a way that inspires and uplifts him to WANT to make you happy!

    In the Man-ifest Lasting Love 6 Week Home-Study Course, You’ll Learn Exactly How To:

    • Transform your limiting beliefs and patterns at their core, and finally tap into the nurturing power of your TRUE nature as a woman
    • Shift self-criticism into self-love, and naturally radiate true beauty that makes you irresistible
    • Learn how to tap into your inner radiance, so you glow and light up the room, and attract any man that's right for you
    • Ditch the deadliest mistakes that cripple his interest in you and exactly what to do instead to make him want you bad and want badly to make you happy
    • Use your feelings to draw him closer instead of pushing him away – no matter how far away he might seem right now
    • Experience strength from what seem to be your worst qualities, and turn them into the very things that will draw your man to you, and want him to be with you forever
    • Have "the relationship talk" with your man in a way that inspires him to give you everything you want!
    • Understand what HE needs in order to be able to listen to your feelings with love, compassion and understanding instead of trying to “fix” you ('cause, girlfriend, you ain't broken!)
    • Inspire him to want to get closer to your gorgeous HEART, not just your body

    Week 1: Upgrade your Mindset to Become a Man Magnet

    • We’ll start by improving your mindset so you think and behave like a man magnet! Then, we'll bust some relationship destroying myths and help you to transform your challenges, to set you on the right path towards true love, intimacy and passion!
    • Access your deepest needs and desires that are underneath your feelings, and how to share them in a way that brings him closer rather than pushing him away.
    • Uncover and STOP the behaviors that you have been doing that are leading to your relationship feeling distant and frustrating. Yes, your man is contributing to the problem, and YOU also play a part. So before you start transforming your relationship, you need to stop the behaviors that you don’t even know you’re doing that are creating the situation as it is! You’ll learn exactly what NOT to do so that you stop pushing your man away!
    • Give your man the number 1 essential thing HE MUST have from you on a daily basis in order to feel attraction to your heart and being, not just your body (Yes there’s one thing men want even more than sex!)

    Week 2: How to Feel Unconditionally Loved, Even When He Pulls Away

    • Get your needs met through collaboration and partnership. Implement the most important mindset shift that men look for in the woman they commit to, that most women aren’t aware of!

    • Experience a profound connection to unconditional love that is above and beyond what you dreamed possible! Learn how to connect to self-love no matter how your man is treating you, so you are fully resourced and fulfilled, and what your man gives you is icing on the cake.

    • Apply a powerful practice to shift limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck! You will start showing up more empowered and joyful, so you can see opportunities for love, connection, and intimacy that you’ve been missing.

    Week 3: Heal Your Heart to Manifest Your Vision of Phenomenal Love

    • Learn a powerful process to heal old wounds so you are finally available to receive and give soul shaking love!

    • Align with your man’s deepest purpose, so he sees you as the irreplaceable ONLY woman for him! This is what sustains his commitment over time!

    • Exactly how to support him so he feels like a King who wants only you as his Queen!

    • Activate his forever loyalty mindset so he feels like he’s finally HOME, with the woman of his dreams…YOU

    • Create a powerful Vision of Love that inspires the right man for you, and how to truly manifest it!

    Week 4: Embody Your Feminine Power to Feel Fulfilled, No Matter What!

    You’ll learn how to tap into your feminine power to attract your man to you, as our moon attracts the tide. You’ll balance your masculine and feminine energy so you feel alive and radiant, and experience new levels of pleasure, fulfillment, and nurturing for YOURSELF, regardless of what your man is doing.

    • Discover how to Prioritize your pleasure, so your man will feel absolutely compelled to want to please you! (and dare I even say a bit jealous of how well you enjoy, that he'll want to step up and provide the enjoyment!)

    • How to compel him to cherish and adore you, instead of pursuing him

    • Experience the source of your true value and fall deeply in love with yourself

    • Understand how radiance is different from cultural ideas about beauty, and discover how to embody and express your own unique expression of radiance, no matter what physical imperfections you may think you have

    • Awaken your body to a transformative experience of ecstatic aliveness, so you can find pleasure in the simple, mundane moments of your life

    • Create deep passion and intimacy with your man, and receive more love and affection while doing less!

    Week 5: Confidently Request Your Deepest Desires -- and Receive Them

    • Motivate and inspire him to deeper levels of emotional intimacy and connection than you ever thought possible.

    • The key ingredients to place men under your romantic spell and so he becomes completely addicted to pleasing you! (My partner tells everyone “This stuff works! I know she’s using it on my me and I still feel happy to be compelled to please her!”)

    • Share any emotion, even anger or worry, in a way that opens his heart and draws him closer to you. Practice communicating this way with your friends, family, and co-workers and watch all your relationships transform and get WAY more satisfying!

    • Apply the 5 step process to ask for what you want in a way that inspires him to give it to you! This 5 step process works like magic to inspire your man, but it’s really based on relationship science!

    • Create boundaries in a loving way, so he feels respected and you feel safe and secure.

    Week 6:  Transform your Conflicts into Unshakeable Love

    Confidently Apply How To:

    • Put it all together and have a conversation with your man, and/or your loved ones, about what you’ve been learning, how you’re feeling, and what you desire in a way that inspires him!
    • Learn exactly how to set up the conversation so that he will look forward to having it-even if he dreads the Relationship Conversation!
    • Know exactly what to say and what not to say so that he feels love and admiration for you and what you desire.
    • Respond to his possible defensiveness, and what to do to melt his defences so that he’ll want to have the conversation, even if he’s been resistant in the past!
    • Stop conflict in its tracks so you can transform conflict into intimacy, into an opportunity to meet both of your needs more fully and enjoy true happiness together.

    • Negotiate to creatively find win/win solutions to your toughest issues, so you can experience a lifetime of love, joy, and intimacy together!
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    How Does the Man-ifest Lasting Love 6 Week Home Study Course Work and Exactly What Does it Include?

    Once you sign up, you’ll receive immediate access to the Man-ifest Lasting Love 6 Week Home Study Course Materials to implement at your own pace.

    Here's what's included:

      • Lifetime Access to the 6 1-2 hour mp3 Recordings of each class [ $800 value]
      • 6 Ebooks of each of the lessons so you can read them again and again, to fully integrate the tools and practices [$200 value]
      • A PDF Workbook of your home play assignments each week, so you can have step-by-step instructions to transform your relationship and experience more love, intimacy and passion! [$50 value]
      • Separate mp3 recordings of all the guided meditations and handouts of the go-to practices, so you have them at your fingertips [$50 value]

      Yes, this is the same information that I teach in my 3 month 1-on-1 PRIVATE coaching program, valued at $2000!

      But because I want to make this information available to more women, I’m offering this self-paced course at a price than anyone can afford.

      Plus, When You Sign Up Now, You’ll Also Receive the Following Bonuses:

      I am going to include the following bonuses because I want you to have EVERYTHING you need to achieve even more success.

      Bonus #1

      Bonus Class For Singles: How to Inspire Him That You’re “The One” in the First Few Months of Dating!

      Value: $35

      How to win his heart and inspire him to step up and claim you! I include both the mp3 audio class and an ebook, so that you can absorb all the valuable tips! With this class, you can apply all the information that you’ll learn in the course to the first 3 months of dating, so he can see you as the only woman for him!

      You’ll Learn:

      • How to meet compatible men
      • What to do on a first date
      • The 2 most important qualities for you to embody to magnetize him closer
      • How to best navigate the first few months so he sees you as “The One!”
      • When to have sex with a man
      • When to be exclusive
      • How to know if he’s the one for you!
      • What do you do if you want more commitment from him?

      Bonus #2

      Bonus Class for Women in Relationship: Why Men Pull Away and What to Do About it

      Value: $20

      All men pull away and most women don’t know the true reason why, so they misunderstand him, and wind up taking actions that push him farther away. This leaves us feeling powerless and insecure! In this class, I explain the scientific and psychological reasons why men pull away, and how to respond in a way that melts his defences and inspires his love and devotion! Both MP3 audio class and ebook.

      And for the First 10 People Who Register This Month…

      • Private session with me: You'll leave with a custom plan to MAN-ifest Lasting love in action that will work for you! $150 value
      • The Coaching From Spirit's Institute's Empowered Manifestor Home Study Course 
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      If you want to learn how to use a universal spiritual/energy system to attract more prosperity, have better health and have more harmonious relationships this is the online program for you!

      What's Included in the Living an Empowered Life On Demand Program?

      • Six 60-minute previously recorded teleclasses for six weeks where Founder Sharon Wilson shares the Empowered Manifestor Program with you so you can start manifesting what you want (instead of what you don’t want).
      • A power packed "Play Book" which is a 'play-by-play' digital workbook of every lesson.
      • Six week access to the Living an Empowered Life Online Forum. In between classes, you can interact and work in a private online setting with fellow like-minded class members
      • Empowerment Circle Audios- these are Group Coaching Calls that give you even more support in applying the Empowered Manifestor formula to your life. These sessions are all about coaching so that you are able to experience through listening to me coaching other people, on how to apply it to your own life and work.

      How Much Does It Cost?

      The Man-ifest Lasting Love 6 Week Self Study Course is normally $197 but I have some really great news for you.

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      So many of my clients and women in my community are getting great results and have told me they wish there’s a way they could easily get their girlfriends started on this journey at an introductory, no-brainer offer, because their friends are unhappy in their relationships, or they keep attracting men who aren’t right for them! So I’ve created this self-study course at a price that anyone can afford, so I can get this valuable information in the hands of the women who need it, and create more loving partnerships in the world!

      But keep in mind, you could return to this page and find that the cost has gone back up to $197 which is still an unbelievable deal.

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      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

      I’m so confident that you will be more than 100% satisfied with the Man-ifest Lasting Love 6 Week Home Study Course that I’m providing a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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      I'm Ready To Invest in the “Man-ifest Lasting Love 6 Week Home Study Course” and Start Building the relationship of my dreams!

      I understand I'm going to receive…

      • Lifetime Access to the 6 1-2 hour mp3 Recordings of each class [ $800 value]
      • 6 Ebooks of each of the lessons [$200 value]
      • 6 PDF Workbooks of the home play assignments each week [$50 value]
      • Separate mp3 recordings of all the guided meditations and handouts [$50 value]

      Bonus #1: How to Inspire Him That You’re “The One” in the First Few Months of Dating! [Value: $35]


      Bonus #2: Why Men Pull Away and What to Do About it [Value: $20]

      And for the first 10 People Who Register This Month

      The Coaching From Spirit's Institute's Empowered Manifestor Self Study Program[Value $597]

      Total Value: $1902

      Price I’m paying today: $97

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      We fell back in love after 8 years!

      When we first came to see Valerie, we’d been married for 8 years and everything looked ok on the outside, but inside we felt distant, angry, and didn’t even want to be in the same room with each other. Valerie met us where we were at with non-judgment and wisdom. Her intuitive and straightforward coaching helped us to re-connect our hearts and souls, work through difficult long standing issues, and feel like a team again. It felt like the ice melted; warm and caring feelings began to flow between us when we learned how to communicate and listen to each other’s deeper feelings the way that Valerie guided us to do. We fell back in love after 8 years and now our relationship is better than it’s ever been! 

      - Marty and Jessica

      Now we can enjoy each other again!

      Valerie is so gifted and talented in what she does. With Valerie’s help, I have managed to create the most honest, present, courageous, loving and committed relationship I’ve ever had, and the longest relationship in over 11 years! I’m really grateful to learn these tools and have her support to create a relationship that my partner and I really want, that honors both of our needs and desires!

      - M.M.

      I feel happier, more stable, and confident than I ever have in my life.

      Val suggested I make a list of how I changed so that I could reflect on my growth.

      Here it is reproduced word for word:
      ‘I know how to listen to myself and communicate my needs effectively for the first time in my life.
      I know how to give myself empathy and compassion.
      I know how to listen past and through other people’s weak communication.
      I know how to listen to my body and its instincts.
      I know how to set aside time for myself and how important it is.
      I know how to make effective requests, not demands.
      I know how to ask for the support and response I need from others.
      I like myself more than I ever have before.’

      - M.A.

      Valerie Greene is a unique relationship mentor who helps women to inspire their man to fulfill their deepest needs and desires. A highly successful alternative to relationship therapy, Valerie helps women and couples create a secure emotional CONNECTION--not just problem-solving or communication skills. Valerie holds numerous certifications in coaching, NLP, and emotional healing modalities. Having worked with thousands of clients from around the globe for 12 years, She leads workshops, retreats, and online courses for women and couples, and is the creator of the 12-week Man-ifest Lasting Love program where she guides women to attract, reignite and sustain lasting love.

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