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Relationship Tips

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Love Life (and price going up…)

In this article I want to shed light on our patterns. In your current or previous relationships, did/do you give too much? Do you keep attracting unavailable men? Were your exes cold, distant, or were you cheated on? There’s an unconscious part of us that attracts the same pattern over and over again, and once   […read more]

Make This Valentine’s The Best One Ever!

Does Valentine’s Day feel ho hum for you? Do you wish you and your partner could rekindle the romance you felt in the beginning of your love story? This is the year to make Valentine’s Day the most romantic celebration of love! Are you wondering how to do that? I want to share with you   […read more]

The Relationship of Your Dreams in 2018

With 2018 approaching, I’d like to give you the opportunity to reflect on your love life. We know that good relationships give us joy, meaning, purpose, and improve everyone’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Still, many people join the gym on Jan 2, but fail to make goals for creating their dream relationship. Did you   […read more]

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Client Success Stories!

Now we have a much more harmonious, loving atmosphere

Me and my partner are very different and so our reactions to each other and communication during ‘difficult’ periods was very problematic. At times it got so bad that we didn’t know if we could work it out. Coaching with Valerie has helped us enormously. Valerie has given us practical tools which we can use   […read more]

Now I feel Connected to my Husband Again

Val I can’t thank you enough for walking me through the Manifest Lasting Love Conversation! Having someone coach me through it was so powerful! A light bulb came on and I was able to have the most powerful conversation with my husband about an issue that I have felt resentful towards him for years! Every   […read more]

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